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A Few Words In English
BAGSVÆRD ATLETIK CLUB (BAC) is located at Bagsværd Stadion some 12 km from Copenhagen. The club has a large number of active members in the areas of
  • Running
  • Athletics
  • Children's athletics
and takes pride in being part of the Danish tradition of offering exercise and sports to men and women of all age groups. Members and teams from BAC take part in training, national meetings, tournaments, and running events.
Now and then, the most talented and dedicated individuals and teams qualify for international meetings. In 2011, BAC got their first participant in the World Championships, when Andreas Bube advanced to the semi finals on the 800 m distance in Daegu, South Korea. And the junior women's team has been to the European Cross Country Championships two years in a row.
Most of the time, it's about the training, though. You will find options for different kinds of training. Children and young people have groups for different ages, and long distance runners have groups for different running levels. Please refer to the list of training groups . . . even though it's in Danish.
If you want to become a member of Bagsværd Atletik Club, you can call or mail one of the trainers for details.
Well, it's even easier if what you want is long distance running. Then, just show up, ready to run on Tuesdays at 17 o'clock.
On the web site, you could also spend time looking at
You must excuse us for having only this introduction in English. All work in the club, including the web site, is done by unpaid volunteers, and it's impossible for us to do more than we already do. And, believe it or not, we prefer to go to the club and meet with the others, and do some running.
We hope you're still interested in Bagsværd Atletik Club. And maybe, we'll see you.
Terminsliste (evt. tilmelding) 
22/815/8UP stævne Frdb 22 august
24-25/811/8DMU i Greve 24-25 august 2019
30/824/8TRACKS T14 Odense 30. august
31/823/8Pokal finale for ungdom op til 13...
2/9I gang med løb
3/928/8TRACKS T15 Holbæk 3. september
5/928/8UP 10 Amager
15/95/9DM halv-marathon for hold (masters)
28-29/912/9Afslutningsstævnet 28-29 september
4/8 Joel slår ny Klub Rekord på 1500m i...
31/7 Michael Pilegaard Hansen vinder Guld ...
31/7 Guld, Sølv og Bronze til Bagsværd A...
25/7 Store DM med BAC-deltagelse 26. - 28....
25/7 Joel løber 3000m ved European Youth ...